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Heading for the Finish Line

Models were brought in, checked for accuracy and stationed on a table for safekeeping.  A lot of work went into getting the Intrepid ready to be put back on display

While the other guys were making sure all the little things were in order, attention was turned to the outer case which had a few broken pieces on the end panels.  New plexi was procured and re-glued in place.  In addition, square plexi rods were also glued in order to strengthen all the joining surfaces where the panels came together.  Here, the case awaits the arrival of the carrier, and it's final placement.

 Here is the story that we are trying to depict; USS Intrepid at the moment she launched air strikes against an approaching Japanese fleet.

 Models have been placed aboard along with crew members.  While I am talking about the crew, Bob DeMaio really went to heck with himself in preparing the crew, before we put them back on.  I forget the exact amount, but he reworked over one hundred 1:72 scale figures which then were ranged around the carrier in the gun tubs, catwalks and guiding the planes down the deck.


The Final Destination

Models done.  Carrier done.  Now to move her back into position, and back on display for visitors to the American Air power Museum....

Allan Buttrick, Freddie Seitz, Steve Martens, Robert Demaio, Bill Koppos, Bill Koppos and George DeFronzo admire our own handiwork. 

 Allan, Bill, George and Kyle Koppos guide the carrier into position.  Apparently they wouldn't let me help...



In closing, I would like to thank the guys who helped get the work on the carrier finished.  Maby people came together from around the area and as far away as Virginia.  Members of IPMS USA chapters in both regions One and Two, all helped to get the models done and painted.

I can not thank enough the work and the effort put down by the members of IPMS Tidewater and NJIPMS from New Jersey, IPMS Stratford CT and our own group from the Long island Scale Model Society and the Suffolk Scale Model Club: IPMS Francis Gabreski

Job well done gentleman....NEXT ?!

The Carrier Deck:  DONE!

Here are a few shots of the finished carrier deck...Here Bob Demaio makes a last minute adjustment, or is he fixing something else......again....?

Lastly, is MY contribution to the effort as far as an aircraft model, a TBF-1c posed in flight over the carrier deck.  I used a small acrylic rod glued to small holes drilled into the side of both the model and the case. 


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